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The middle way : finding happiness in a world of extremes
Información de publicación:
New York : Sterling Pub., c2007.
Descripción física:
xiii, 626 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Globalization and its discontents : convergence and conflict of four civilizations -- Aristotle's golden mean : attaining excellence and happiness amidst unreason -- Buddha's middle way : creating value and compassion amidst suffering -- Confucius's balanced order : restoring harmony and virtue amidst discord -- ABC geometry : golden mean, middle way, balanced order are deeply related -- Political extremes : polarized America and the absence of a common good -- Sacred and profane extremes : blind faith versus deaf doubt -- Tribal extremes : natural dispersion and cultural commingling in the global village -- Pandora's extremes : the politicization of sex difference -- Cognitive extremes : oral, written, visual, and digital traditions -- Educational extremes : global lag and the American gulag -- Economic extremes : overabundance and dire dearth -- Totemic extremes : mcfoods, mcdrugs, and brave new mcworlds -- Middle Eastern extremes : stinging scorpions and free figs -- Terrorist extremes : bombed if we do, and bombed if we don't -- Importing the ABCs into your life : exporting them into your environment.