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The Dhammapada : sayings of Buddha : translated from the original Pali
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New York : Bantam Books, 1995.
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134 pages ; 21 cm
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1170 L
I. Couplets -- II. Vigilance -- III. Mind -- IV. Flowers -- V. The Fool -- VI. The Wise -- VII. The Worthy -- VIII. Thousands -- IX. Evil -- X. Violence -- XI. Old age -- XII. The Self -- XIII. The World -- XIV. The Enlightened -- XV. Happiness -- XVI. Pleasure -- XVII. Anger -- XVIII. Impurity -- XIX. The Righteous -- XX. The Path -- XXI. Miscellany -- XXII. Hell -- XXIII. The Elephant -- XXIV. Craving -- XXV. The Mendicant -- XXVI. The Priestly one.
"Thomas Cleary, the widely acclaimed and respected translator of Asian philosophy, now provides a new and vibrant translation of one of the most beloved and accessible works of early Buddhism: the Dhammapada. In a rendering that is both classical and contemporary, he faithfully restores the simple purity and elegance of the original text."--BOOK JACKET. "The quest for inner peace and individual liberation is one of the most ancient endeavors of humankind. Five hundred years before Christ, Gautama Buddha became one of the great leaders in that spiritual journey. The Dhammapada is a collection of Buddha's sayings as passed down by his followers and drawn from the seminal Pali Canon. It is perhaps the best primer of Buddhism. Its teachings on the dhamma, the moral path of life, encourage the development of self-mastery and strength of character and point the way toward a heightened awareness of self and reality ... and toward the ultimate attainment of enlightenment."--Jacket
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Container of (expression): Tipiṭaka. Suttapiṭaka. Khuddakanikāya. Dhammapada. English. (Cleary)