Cover image for Liberal privilege : Joe Biden and the Democrats' defense of the indefensible
Liberal privilege : Joe Biden and the Democrats' defense of the indefensible
First edition.
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New York : Donald Trump, Jr., [2020]

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323 pages ; 24 cm
Part I: No Joe. Fake news, you're fired!; Unfit to serve; Puppet on a string; The wrong side of history; A tale of two Bidens; It didn't work; Family first; Beijing Biden -- Part II: "There's never been a time when two candidates were so different." A suicide note for America; cheering on the crisis; Te damos la bienvenida legalmente (We welcome you legally); Buying votes with your money; Will the real Joe Biden please stand up?; No clue, no resolve; Biggest losers; Not a beautiful day in your neighborhood -- Part III: Winning. Promises kept; He did it before and he can do it again -- The best of the worst Joe Biden quotes.
"While everyday Americans strive to make an honest living by working hard, liberals within the swamp have perfected a way of barely working while elevating themselves above the rest of America. Liberal Privilege will take you behind the scenes of the swamp, just as the nation gears up for the next presidential election. As President Donald J. Trump seeks a second term based on real accomplishments, learn about the facts that the media refuses to cover. Few American families have accomplished so little and benefited as much as the Bidens. Through corruption, grift, and sheer greed, Joe Biden, Hunter, and the rest of the clan have exemplified liberal privilege. As woke liberals attempt to burn our cities, abolish capitalism, and rewrite history, liberals stand idly by, encased in political correctness and guilt. No other book will paint a sharper contrast at this decisive moment in our country"-- inside jacket flap.
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