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The living Buddha an interpretive biography
The living Buddha an interpretive biography
Uniform Title:
Watakushi no Shakuson kan. English
Publication Information:
Santa Monica, Calif. : Middleway Press, c2008.

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xiv, 162 p.
Soka Gakkai history of Buddhism series
The young Shakyamuni. Shakyamuni ; Shakyamuni's names ; The Shakya tribe ; The historical setting ; Shakyamuni's family ; Shakyamuni's early years -- The great departure. The ascetic and Indian society ; The departure and wanderings ; The rise of a new culture ; The six-non-Buddhist teachers -- The years of austerities. The encounter with King Bimbisara ; The two Brahman hermits ; The practice of austerities ; The rejection of austerities -- The Enlightenment. Buddhagaya ; The temptation of Mara ; What is Enlightenment? ; The content of Sakyamuni's enlightenment ; The law of causation -- Shakyamuni the teacher. The decision to propagate the law ; Turning the wheel of the law ; Shakyamuni's disciples ; Preaching at Uruvela -- The company of disciples. Shariputra and Maudgalyayana ; Mahakashyapa ; Sudatta -- Shakyamuni's visit to Kapilavastu ; Ananda ; Upali and Anuruddha -- The growth of the order. The other major disciples ; The city of Savatthi ; Management of the order ; Devadatta's revolt -- The entry into nirvana. The sad events of Shakyamuni's closing years ; The last journey ; Chunda, the blacksmith ; Parinirvana.
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