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Lynn McNeill

Children's Volunteers
The Children's Library is in need of volunteers to shelve books. All times and days are needed! Please contact Lynn if you are interested in helping out!

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Prescott Valley Public Library has over 100 volunteers in a variety of position. Our volunteers are an energetic, enthusiastic group that helps staff to ensure that the library runs in an efficient manner.

Volunteers apply through the Town of Prescott Valley website under Volunteer Opportunities.

Here are some of the volunteer positions that help the library run efficiently:

  • Drive-In Window
  • Circulation Desk
  • Children's Library
  • Bookstore
  • Special Events

See volunteer descriptions for details. Each volunteer is expected to serve for six months to a year, at least two hours per week.

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Guest Commentator

The Public Library – A Community Centerpiece
By Michael LeBlanc- Prescott Valley Public Library Patron and Volunteer

To me, the public library should be one of the centerpieces of any community, no matter its size. Where else can you do so many things? First, there’s the largest collection of free materials you will ever find in one place – from books and magazines, to DVD movies, to music CD’s and more. All of which are available for rental, without a fee, for weeks at a time. Then, there’s the simplicity of the building – a meeting place; whether it’s students meeting after school, adults using it as a convenient out-of-home meeting place, or someone who simply wants a quiet corner to read in. Libraries also provide the free use of computers, for schoolwork, personal business, or internet access, and many hold classes on a variety of subjects. Then there are special events, such as the recent eclipse viewing or the Halloween “escape room”. The Prescott Valley Library even has the Peavine Coffee House, a place to sit and relax while enjoying a beverage or snack. Public libraries should be cornerstones of their communities, if not just for the free access to media, but for the wide range of activities you can find there. I love contributing to the health of the community by volunteering at the Prescott Valley Public Library!