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Race, class, and gender : an anthology
5th ed.
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Belmont, CA : Wadsworth/Thomson Learning, c2004.

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xxxii, 576 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
The Wadsworth sociology reader series
Shifting the center -- Conceptualizing race, class, and gender -- Gender and sexism -- Rethinking institutions -- State institutions and social policy -- Applying the framework -- Making a difference.


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Included in RACE, CLASS, AND GENDER are 64 interdisciplinary readings. The authors provide very accessible articles that show how race, class, and gender shape people's experiences, and help students to see the issues in an analytic, as well as descriptive way. The book provides conceptual grounding in understanding race, class, and gender; it has a strong historical and sociological perspective; and it is strengthened by conceptual introductions by the authors. Students find the readings engaging and accessible, but may gain the most from the introduction sections that highlight key points and relate essential concepts. Included in the collection of readings are narratives aimed at building empathy, and articles on social issues such as prison, affirmative action, poverty, immigration, and racism, among other topics.

Table of Contents

Arturo MadridCherrie MoragaJune JordanPaula Gunn AllenMarilyn FryeRonald T. TakakiGloria YamatoPeggy McIntoshPatricia J. WilliamsElizabeth MartinezAbby L. FerberCornel WestDonna LangstonDalton ConleyJames Jennings and Louis KushnickBarbara EhrenreichMichael DysonElizabeth Higginbotham and Lynn WeberMaxine Baca Zinn and Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo and Michael A. MessnerAudre LordePeter Blood and Alan Tuttle and George LakeyYen Le EspirituRuth Atkin and Adrienne RichCooper ThompsonMaxine Baca Zinn and D. Stanley EitzenTeresa Amott and Julie MatthaeiDeborah WooJoan Moore and Raquel PinderhughesKatherine NewmanSteven VanderStaayBonnie Thornton DillEleanor Palo Stoller and Rose Campbell GibsonRobin D. G. KelleyLynet UttalNazli KibriaRobert B. MooreGregory MantsiosJudith Ortiz CoferMichael MessnerJohn GarveyGloria SteinemC. Matthew SnippRoslyn Arlin Mickelson and Stephen Samuel SmithValerie PolakowChuck CollinsAlan Berkman and Tim BlunkLillian RubinVivian BradyMary C. WatersWard ChurchillSucheng ChanMagdoline AsfahaniPepper Schwartz and Virginia RutterJune JordanAmy Gluckman and Betsy ReedNaomi WolfDana Y. TakagiJason SchultzDeirdre E. DavisBruce Kokopeli and George LakeyElijah AndersonSumi K. ChoHelen ZiaBernice Johnson ReagonMarc CooperCharon AsetoyerBarbara MinerCelene KraussJohn Anner
Prefacep. xiii
About the Editorsp. xix
About the Contributorsp. xx
Introductionp. 1
Suggested Readingsp. 10
InfoTrac College Editionp. 11
I Shifting the Center and Reconstructing Knowledgep. 13
Introductionp. 13
Suggested Readingsp. 20
InfoTrac College Editionp. 21
Shifting the Centerp. 23
1 Missing People and Others: Joining Together to Expand the Circlep. 23
2 La Guerap. 28
3 Report from the Bahamasp. 35
4 Angry Women Are Building: Issues and Struggles Facing American Indian Women Todayp. 44
5 Oppressionp. 48
6 A Different Mirrorp. 52
II Conceptualizing Race, Class, and Genderp. 67
Introductionp. 67
Suggested Readingsp. 88
InfoTrac College Editionp. 89
Race and Racismp. 90
7 Something about the Subject Makes It Hard to Namep. 90
8 White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences through Work in Women's Studies (1988)p. 95
9 Of Race and Riskp. 106
10 Seeing More Than Black and White: Latinos, Racism, and the Cultural Dividesp. 108
11 What White Supremacists Taught a Jewish Scholar about Identityp. 115
12 Race Mattersp. 119
Class and Inequalityp. 125
13 Tired of Playing Monopoly?p. 125
14 Wealth Mattersp. 134
15 Poverty as Race, Power, and Wealthp. 139
16 The Silenced Majority: Why the Average Working Person Has Disappeared from American Media and Culturep. 143
17 The Plight of Black Menp. 146
18 Moving Up with Kin and Community: Upward Social Mobility for Black and White Womenp. 156
Gender and Sexismp. 168
19 Gender through the Prism of Differencep. 168
20 Age, Race, Class, and Sex: Women Redefining Differencep. 177
21 Understanding and Fighting Sexism: A Call to Menp. 185
22 Ideological Racism and Cultural Resistance: Constructing Our Own Imagesp. 191
23 "J.A.P."-Slapping: The Politics of Scapegoatingp. 201
24 A New Vision of Masculinityp. 205
III Rethinking Institutionsp. 213
Introductionp. 213
Suggested Readingsp. 227
InfoTrac College Editionp. 228
Work and Economic Transformationp. 229
25 Economic Restructuring and Systems of Inequality at Century's Endp. 229
26 Race, Class, Gender, and Women's Worksp. 234
27 The Gap between Striving and Achieving: The Case of Asian American Womenp. 243
28 The Latino Population: The Importance of Economic Restructuringp. 251
29 Working Poor, Working Hardp. 259
30 The Armstrongs: An Oral History of a Homeless American Familyp. 263
Familiesp. 268
31 Our Mothers' Grief: Racial-Ethnic Women and the Maintenance of Familiesp. 268
32 The Diversity of American Familiesp. 289
33 Countering the Conspiracy to Ignore Black Girlsp. 296
34 Racial Safety and Cultural Maintenance: The Child Care Concerns of Employed Mothers of Colorp. 304
35 Migration and Vietnamese American Women: Remaking Ethnicityp. 314
Cultural Institutions and the Production of Ideasp. 322
36 Racist Stereotyping in the English Languagep. 322
37 Media Magic: Making Class Invisiblep. 333
38 The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Mariap. 342
39 Masculinities and Athletic Careersp. 347
40 My Problem with Multi-cultural Educationp. 361
41 If Men Could Menstruatep. 365
State Institutions and Social Policyp. 368
42 The First Americans: American Indiansp. 368
43 Can Education Eliminate Race, Class, and Gender Inequality?p. 376
44 The Shredded Net: The End of Welfare as We Knew Itp. 389
45 Aid to Dependent Corporations: Exposing Federal Handouts to the Wealthyp. 395
46 Thoughts on Class, Race, and Prisonp. 400
IV Analyzing Social Issuesp. 405
Introductionp. 405
Suggested Readingsp. 417
InfoTrac College Editionp. 417
American Identitiesp. 419
47 "Is This a White Country, or What?"p. 419
48 Black Hispanics: The Ties That Bindp. 427
49 Optional Ethnicities: For Whites Only?p. 430
50 Crimes against Humanityp. 439
51 You're Short, Besides!p. 447
52 Time to Look and Listenp. 453
Sexualityp. 456
53 The Gender of Sexualityp. 456
54 A New Politics of Sexualityp. 466
55 Where Has Gay Liberation Gone?: An Interview with Barbara Smithp. 470
56 The Beauty Mythp. 474
57 Maiden Voyage: Excursion into Sexuality and Identity Politics in Asian Americap. 480
58 Getting Off on Feminismp. 488
Violence and Social Controlp. 497
59 The Harm That Has No Name: Street Harassment, Embodiment, and African American Womenp. 497
60 More Power Than We Want: Masculine Sexuality and Violencep. 508
61 The Police and the Black Malep. 514
62 Korean Americans vs. African Americans: Conflict and Constructionp. 519
63 Where Race and Gender Meet: Racism, Hate Crimes, and Pornographyp. 527
V Making a Differencep. 531
Introductionp. 531
Suggested Readingsp. 538
InfoTrac College Editionp. 539
64 Coalition Politics: Turning the Centuryp. 540
65 The Boys and Girls of (Union) Summerp. 546
66 From the Ground Upp. 552
67 Taking Multicultural, Antiracist Education Seriously: An Interview with Enid Leep. 556
68 Women of Color on the Front Linep. 562
69 Having the Tools at Hand: Building Successful Multicultural Social Justice Organizationsp. 573
Indexp. 585