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International business research : strategies and resources
International business research : strategies and resources
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Lanham : Scarecrow Press, 2013.
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vii, 195 p.: ill., maps ; 23 cm.
Basic tools and sources for international business research -- International monetary system and financial markets -- Resources with world coverage -- Regional economic organizations and trade blocs -- International company research -- Classification systems for industry -- International industry research -- International market research -- Global investing.
In the twenty-first century, most businesses participate in globalization, whether by entering new markets worldwide or by dealing with competitors from around the world. In addition, the internet and the accelerated evolution of such related tools as social media provide businesses and individuals with the means to globally participate at an increasing pace. To identify profitable business opportunities and recognize potential obstacles, one must have a complete picture of the global business environment. The Web and other internet tools give both new and traditional producers of information additional ways to deliver content to the end user, including interactive web-based databases, digital files, and Twitter updates. Taking these trends into consideration, International Business Research: Strategies and Resources provides the basic tools for international business research. Following an introduction that outlines the foundation for international business activity--money, the international monetary system, and financial markets--subsequent chapters address essential information, such as sources, organizations, and websites that list resources for specific regions and countries; how to find international company information and financial data; major classification schemes used to find relevant industry data, including import/export statistics; and international market and industry research. Each chapter of International Business Research includes research recommendations based on the author's practical experiences. This book is a valuable tool for anyone involved in the business world, particularly business school librarians, business students, and business professionals.
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