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American druthers
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[United States] : Michael McNaney, [2019]
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169 pages ; 23 cm
"We have heard from both the political Left, and the Right, it's always the same old story. We have heard from our Government, they hear, see and speak no evil for favor. We have heard from the Corporations fighting for control, all they want is more money. And the Extremists... ad-nauseum. What about the victim? Those that have been killed are lucky in one respect, they no longer need to worry. Those of us left maimed and despondent by the death of friends and loved ones are soon to be a major minority. We have had enough. America is in a gridlock of stale thought and dead bodies with no end in sight. This book explores the reasons, and offers real world solutions, to America's gun violence epidemic. Written from the perspective of a gun violence victim, the Author is a U.S. Navy Desert Storm Veteran, Father, Former small business owner and a surviving victim of American gun violence."
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