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The case of the Indian trader : Billy Malone and the National Park Service investigation at Hubbell Trading Post
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Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, c2011.
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xx, 354 p. : ill, map ; 24 cm.
The trading post -- The trader -- The agency -- The cooperating association -- The investigation begins -- The warrant -- The raid -- A life of its own -- The politics of change -- Stalemate and the hand off -- A closer look -- Déjà vu -- The simple truth -- Rugs, jewelry, and kitchen utensils -- Polygraph (No lies detected) -- I thought we were supposed to be the good guys -- Revelations (The last straw) -- Rush to the finish and a few loose ends -- A whistle-blower, again -- Job satisfaction ("It's over") -- Nothing is ever easy (or, It's hard to say goodbye) -- The OIG investigation -- Reflections -- Afterword -- Appendix.


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This is the story of Billy Gene Malone and the end of an era. Malone lived almost his entire life on the Navajo Reservation working as an Indian trader; the last real Indian trader to operate historic Hubbell Trading Post. In 2004, the National Park Service (NPS) launched an investigation targeting Malone, alleging a long list of crimes that were "similar to Al Capone." In 2005, federal agent Paul Berkowitz was assigned to take over the year- and-a-half-old case. His investigation uncovered serious problems with the original allegations, raising questions about the integrity of his supervisors and colleagues as well as high-level NPS managers.

In an intriguing account of whistle-blowing, Berkowitz tells how he bypassed his chain-of-command and delivered his findings directly to the Office of the Inspector General.

Table of Contents

Kevin Gilmartin
Illustrationsp. xi
Forewordp. xiii
Acknowledgmentsp. xvii
Abbreviationsp. xix
Introduction: (Kodóó hane' háá t'í'p. 1
Chapter 1 The Trading Post: Naalyéhé bá hooghanp. 7
Chapter 2 The Trader: (Naalyéhé yá sidáhíp. 41
Chapter 3 The Agency: Wáshindoon bá na' anish bil haz ánígííp. 58
Chapter 4 The Cooperating Association: Íighah deiyíl nishígííp. 83
Chapter 5 The Investigation Begins: Ní diilkáá'p. 101
Chapter 6 The Warrant: Ánohwií ahii binaaltsoos binaji' na' alkaahíp. 113
Chapter 7 The Raid: Ánohwií ahii binaaltsoos binaji' na' askáá'p. 120
Chapter 8 A Life of Its Own: T'áá bíni'dii deez t'i'p. 132
Chapter 9 The Politics of Change: Al' aa hoot'álígí í bik' ehgo áhooníílp. 144
Chapter 10 Stalemate and the Hand Off: Dahidiiyáp. 154
Chapter 11 A Closer Look: Yéego nánél' ih)p. 163
Chapter 12 Déjà Vu: Ánáá nádzaa)p. 178
Chapter 13 The Simple Truth: Yoo ch' ííd t' áá géédp. 204
Chapter 14 Rugs, Jewelry, and Kitchen Utensils: Diyogí dóó Bééshligaii dóó dootl'izhii bee áda' alyaa, áádóó, naalyéhí da' adáá góne' chodaa' ínígííp. 212
Chapter 15 Polygraph (No Lies Detected): Yoo ch'ííd baah ádinp. 220
Chapter 16 I Thought We Were Supposed to Be the Good Guys: Shá hinii nihíjígo yá'ániit' ééh nihp. 224
Chapter 17 Revelations (The Last Straw): Ééhoozinp. 233
Chapter 18 Rush to the Finish and a Few Loose Ends: Tsxíílgo altsxo ályaago, la' t'áá bighaadígi ályaa dooleelp. 241
Chapter 19 A Whistle-Blower, Again: Oodzíí' baanáá hóone'p. 254
Chapter 20 Job Satisfaction ôIt's Overö: Hojoobá'ígo índa ííltsxohp. 261
Chapter 21 Nothing Is Ever Easy (or, It's Hard to Say Good-bye): T'áá altsogóó nanitl'ah hagooínee' hodi dóó' niilígi nanitl'ahp. 269
Chapter 22 The OIG Investigation: T'áá bikék'eh nínáa' diil káá'p. 283
Chapter 23 Reflections: Á hóó t'íídigíí nát'áá' nánél íigop. 297
Afterwordp. 319
Appendixp. 321
Notesp. 331
Indexp. 349