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The collected writings of Robert Motherwell
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Works. Selections. 1992
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New York : Oxford University Press, 1992.
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xxvii, 325 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 27 cm.
1941-1949. Letter to William Carlos Williams; "Notes on Mondrian and Chirico"; "Painters' objects"; "The modern painter's world"; "Beyond the Aesthetic"; Statement in Fourteen Americans; Letter to Samuel Kootz; Statement in Motherwell; Letter to Christian Zervos; Editorial preface to Possibilities 1; Prefatory note to Max Ernst: Beyond painting and other writings by the artist and his friends; Prefatory note to Jean (Hans) Arp, On my way: poetry and essays 1912-1947; "A tour of the sublime"; Preliminary notice to Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, The rise of cubism; "A personal expression"; Preliminary notice to Guillaume Apollinaire, The cubist painters: Aesthetic meditations 1913; "Reflections on painting now"; Preliminary notice to Marcel Raymond, From Baudelaire to Surrealism --

1950-1959. "Black or white"; Preface to Georges Duthuit, The Fauvist painters; "The New York school"; Preface ["The school of New York"] to Seventeen modern American painters; "What abstract art means to me"; "The rise and continuity of abstract art"; Preface to The Dada painters and poets: an anthology; A statement and an introduction to the illustrations in Modern artists in America: first series; Final page of letter to unknown party; "Symbolism"; "The painter and the audience"; "A painting must make human contact"; Letter to John; Notes in John I. H. Bauer, Bradley Walker Tomlin; "The significance of Miro"; Lecture with Charles R. Hulbeck; Occasional pieces --

1960-1969. "What should a museum be?"; "Homage to Franz Kline"; "Robert Motherwell: a conversation at lunch"; "A process of painting"; Interview with Bryan Robertson, addenda; "Letter from Robert Motherwell to Frank O'Hara, dated August 18, 1965; Interview with Sidney Simon: "Concerning the beginnings of the New York School: 1939-1943"; Letters to Emerson Woelffer; "Addenda to the Museum of Modern Art Lyric suite questionnaire--from memory...with possible chronological slips" --

1970-1979. "On the humanism of abstraction"; Letter to Irving Sandler; Testimony before the Select Subcommittee on Education; "The universal language of children's art, and Modernism"; "Thoughts on drawing"; On Rothko; On David Smith; Introduction to Pierre Cabanne, Dialogues with Marcel Duchamp; "The books's beginnings"; Interview with Richard Wagener; Letter to Lynda Hartigan; "Provincetown and Days Lumberyard: a memoir"; "A conversation with students"; Two letters on Surrealism; "The international world of Modernist Art: 1945-1960 --

1980-1988. Letter to Ive-Alain Bois; Letter to Guy Scarpetta; "In memoriam: Anthony Smith"; Letter to Virginia Dorazio; Letter to Bruce Grenville; Letter to Ann Louise Coffin McLaughlin; Foreword to William C. Seitz, Abstract Expressionist painting in America; "Remarks"; "Kafka's visual recoil: a note"; "A collage for Nathan Halper in nine parts"; Letter to Glen MacLeod; Letter to Jack Beatty; Letter to Christian Leprette; "Animating rhythm"; "On not becoming an academic"; "Introduction for Octavio Paz"; Interview with David Hayman; Letter to Ted Lindberg.
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