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50 great monologs for student actors : a workbook of comedy characterizations for students
2nd ed., rev.
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Colorado Springs, Colo. : Meriwether Pub., ©1987.
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139 pages : portrait ; 22 cm
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Revised edition of: 25 great monologs for student actors. 1985.
History of New York City -- How I spent my summer vacation -- A Big-city newspaper story -- The Fanatical spectator -- Harley Henderson's airlines for the oldsters -- Personality components, ready to wear -- "Peyton Place" revisited -- Trains of nightmarish thoughts -- Letter to an escaper -- The Last few days of shopping before Christmas -- Musical intros -- What does your handwriting tell you? -- The World's smartest man -- Mr. Know-It-All -- Dr. Fluegel's medical program -- The Violin -- The Population problem -- The Automatic elevator -- Maniac-killer -- Interesting New Yorkers -- Disaster films -- low-budget style -- Real estate spoken here -- Miss Weirdo -- Order in the court -- The Memory of a fish -- Little-known books -- Those late night World War II movies -- A Blind date for Little Awesome Fannie -- My fun trip to New York City -- Whatever happened to ...? -- Gossip through the ages -- And now coming to you live -- Dear Gabby's advice to prisoners -- Meet David Punkkrock -- Understanding those football referees -- Vicarious vacations -- The Car accident -- Power! -- Really cooking now -- Review of the St. Valentine's Day massacre -- Doomsday spiel -- The Subway ride -- Professor Paul Pushner's positive approach personality improvement program -- Uncle Harry takes Nephew Ethelbert to the zoo -- Down memory lane -- Reading your local newspaper -- Rent-a-car -- The Finest restaurants around -- Pet peeves -- Stories Granny likes to tell -- Phobias, anyone?
Includes fifty selected professional level comedy monologues for use by high school, college, or professional actors.