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Cognitive impairment in schizophrenia characteristics, assessment, and treatment
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Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013.

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xv, 324 p. : ill.
Cognition in schizophrenia as a central illness feature / R. Walter Heinrichs ... [et al.] -- The multi-faceted, "global" cognitive impairment profile in schizophrenia / Dwight Dickinson, Jonathan Schaefer, and Daniel R. Weinberger -- Comparative impairments across schizophrenia and bipolar disorder / Christopher R. Bowie, Katherine Holshausen, and Maya Gupta -- Cognitive impairment and symptom dimensions in psychosis / Manuela Russo, Robin Murray, and Abraham Reichenberg -- Neurocognition and functional outcome in schizophrenia : filling in the gaps / Michael F. Green ... [et al.] -- Cognition and work functioning in schizophrenia / Susan McGurk and Kim Mueser -- Cognition and functional status in adult and older patients with schizophrenia / Sara J. Czaja and David Loewenstein -- Social cognition and its relationship to neurocognition / Amy E. Pinkham -- Cognitive functioning and awareness of illness in schizophrenia : a review and meta-analysis / Akshay Nair, Andre Aleman, and Anthony S. David -- Genetic influences on cognition in schizophrenia / Katherine E. Burdick, Benjamin Glicksberg, and Gary Donohoe -- Neurobiological determinants of cognition / Daniel C. Javitt -- Translational cognitive neuroscience of schizophrenia : bridging neurocognitive and computational approaches towards understanding cognitive deficits / Alan Anticevic, John H. Krystal, and Deanna M. Barch -- Assessment of cognition in schizophrenia treatment studies / Richard Keefe -- Performance-based measures of functioning in schizophrenia / Colin A. Depp ... [et al.] -- Pharmacological approaches to cognitive enahncement / Philip D. Harvey -- Computerized cognitive training in schizophrenia : current knowledge and future directions / Melissa Fisher ... [et al.].
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Although the precise mechanisms and pathways of schizophrenia remain something of a mystery, there is little dispute that cognitive deficits present as some of the clearest and most debilitating symptoms of the disease. This book describes the characteristics of cognitive deficits in schizophrenia, functional implications, the course of impairments, the genetic and biological contributions and reviews management options, including neuropsychological, psychological and pharmacological techniques. Chapters are written by leading experts in the field, in an accessible and highly informative style, ensuring the content is clinically relevant. State-of-the-art information about new developments in the treatment of related features of the illness, such as disability, is provided. The wide ranging focus of this volume will appeal to clinicians and academic researchers working with patients impaired by severe mental illness.

Table of Contents

Part I Characteristics of Cognitive Impairment in Schizophrenia
1 Cognition in schizophrenia as a central illness featureWalter Heinrichs
2 Global impairments as the profile of cognition in schizophreniaDwight Dickinson and Jonathan Schaefer and Daniel R. Weinberger
3 Comparative impairments across schizophrenia and bipolar disorderChris Bowie and Maya Gupta and Katherine Holshausen
4 Cognitive domains and symptom dimensions in schizophreniaAbraham Reichenberg
Part II Functional Implications and Course
5 Functional correlates of cognitive impairment in schizophreniaMichael Green
6 Cognition and work functioning in schizophreniaSusan McGurk and Kim Mueser
7 Course of cognitive impairments in schizophreniaSara Czaja and David Loewenstein
8 Social cognition and its relationship to other aspects of cognitionAmy Pinkham
9 Cognitive functioning and awareness of illness in schizophreniaAntony David
Part III Genetic and Biological Contributions to Cognitive Impairment
10 Genetic determinants of cognitionKate Burdick
11 Neurobiological determinants of cognitionDaniel Javitt
12 Cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging of cognitionDeanna Barch
Part IV Assessment and Treatment of Cognitive Impairment and Related Features
13 Neuropsychological assessment in treatment studiesRichard Keefe
14 Performance based measures of functioning in schizophreniaThomas Patterson
15 Pharmacological treatment of cognitive impairment in schizophreniaPhilip D. Harvey
16 Cognitive remediation in schizophreniaSophia Vinogradov