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Earn It! : What to Do When Your Kid Needs an Entitlement Intervention
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Introduction: Take an Honest LookQuiz: How Entitled Is My Child?Part One: Entitlement Is a Family Dynamic1. What Is Entitlement?Patterns of Entitlement: Some Red FlagsWhat Does an Entitlement-Free Kid Look Like?Keep calm and tolerate discomfort--yours and your child's.2. "I Just Want Him to Be Happy": How Parents Enable Entitled AttitudesEntitlement at HomeThe Rise of the "Kids First" Family SystemAn Entitlement-Promoting SocietyYour Child Is Not Your "Friend"Three Ways to Start Making ChangesChange Starts with YouKeep calm and be the adult in the room.3. The Entitlement CultureLooking Out for Number One: The Rise of Individualism"Me First" at School"Me First" in Sports and Other Activities"You Deserve It!" . . . Resisting ConsumerismThe Entitlement Culture Is Alive and Well OnlineKeep calm and don't let the Joneses blow your cool.4. What the Future HoldsAttitudes at SchoolAttitudes with OthersWorkplace AttitudesCan Entitlement Be a Risk Factor for Substance Use and Addiction?The Mirage of HappinessKeep calm, look ahead, and parent on.Part Two: Change Yourself, Change Your Children5. Change Yourself, Change Your ChildrenWhy Children MisbehaveFour Steps to Changing Your Child's BehaviorKeep calm and "be the change."6. Respect: Model It, Teach ItTeaching RespectParent or "Friend"? Don't Try to Be BothTen Ways to Teach RespectKeep calm and channel your inner Drill Sergeant.7. Gratitude Takes PracticeWhy Gratitude MattersTeaching the Skill of GratitudeReceiving Gifts GracefullyKeep calm and coach on--even when your child's manners make you cringe.8. Stop Rescuing Your ChildIs It Really About Your Child--Or Is It About You?What Happens When You Rescue Your Children All the Time?When to Help and When to Step BackKeep calm, Supermom (Superdad, too).9. Why Routines MatterThe Benefits of RoutinesCreating a Family ScheduleManaging Disruptions in the RoutineKeep calm amidst the storm: Your fluster-buster10. Kids, Chores, and MoneyWhat Are Your Goals?Making Allowances: Three Approaches to Providing Money to Your ChildHelp Kids Learn to Shop SmartKeep calm: Small mistakes now can prevent big mistakes later.11. Equip Your Child to Make Good ChoicesStart Early: This One or That One?Five Steps to a Thoughtful DecisionLater On: Child-Initiated ChoicesUsing Values to Guide DecisionsHolding Children Accountable for Their DecisionsKeep calm, even when trial and error feels trying.12. Dealing with FeelingsDon't Let Your Child's Emotions Control YoursEmotions: Showing, then TellingHow We Feel and How We Behave: An Important DifferenceKeep calm on the roller coaster of feelings13. Why Words Matter: Kindness in ActionTeaching Kindness: Five Habits to CultivateTeach Children that Words MatterSticks and Stones May Break My Bones, but Social Media Lasts ForeverKeep calm on the slippery slope that starts with teasing.14. Give BackLet's Move Outside Our BubbleObstacles to Giving BackIt Starts with a ConversationWays to Give: It's Not Just MoneyKeep calm and find a cause that hits home.15. Declarations of Independence: Finding Your Way with Power StrugglesWhat Is a Power Struggle?What's a Parent to Do?Resistance or Defiance?Keep calm and find the "third way."16. A United Front: Bringing Others on BoardGrandparents: A "Right to Spoil"?Co-parents: Try for Consistent MessagesNon-family Caregivers: Find a Healthy BalanceKeep calm -- even when your child brings home a belching teddy bear.
Does your family suffer from "affluenza" exhaustion? Are you confused by the "Me! ME! ME!!! " attitude of your child? Whether your child is six, sixteen, or thirty-six years old, it may be time for an entitlement intervention. Change yourself to change your children. It's easy to judge today's younger generations--children, teens, and young adults who think they deserve to have their individuality celebrated and their happiness prioritized. So what happens when your kid--whom you don't recall lavishing with excessive rewards or money--acts entitled, as though everything should be about his wants or her needs? Good news: from any age, you can help your child evolve into a confident and motivated adult who understands that many of the best things in life are earned. Starting with a ten-question quiz to determine "How Entitled Is My Kid?," Earn It! What to Do When Your Kid Needs an Entitlement Intervention will teach you how to create a family culture where responsibilities are honored, praise has meaning, decisions are made skillfully, and gratitude is second nature. You'll find practical tips on chores and allowances, friends and social media, co-parenting, and cultivating true resilience. With family exercises and parent challenges drawn from real-life family scenarios, this book provides an opportunity to reflect on how you can adjust your parenting style to create a family dynamic that nurtures your children into generous, balanced, and hard-working adults.
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