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Disney melodies : the magic of Disney music
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[United States?] : Theme Park Press, [2015].
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xiii, 119 pages ; 23 cm.
Introduction -- The great Disney composers -- Was Walt Disney a musician? -- Disney's magical musical timing -- Disney's musical familiarity, repetition, and consistency -- Disney music's melodic, harmonic, and rhytmic structure -- The magic of musical consistency -- Disney music's magical quality -- Magical muscial highlights -- A word about Disney sounds and production -- Final refrain.
It's all around you. The lyrics, the melodies, the sonic presence of Disney, whether you're in a theme park, in a movie theater, of browsing a play list. What makes Disney music so, well, magical? Why do these songs get stuck in our heads, and why do they represent, for many of us, the intangible appeal of Disney? Musician Karl Beaudry examines the art and science of Disney music, from the technical aspects of a successful Disney song to how Disney uses these songs to enhance the appeal of its films and theme park attractions. You'll learn why Disney wants you to listen to certain songs at certain times and in certain places. And why you respond in just the way Disney expects you to respond. Disney Melodies includes these "tracks": A layman's look at the melodies, harmonies, and rhythmic structures used to compose most Disney songs. How consistency plays a large part in the success of Disney music, and why it's the reason most know whether or not a song is a "Disney song". The use of both music and sound in the Disney theme parks, and how no themed area is ever silent. Short biographies of Disney composers known and not-so-well-known, including lists of their top tunes. Analyses of the most popular Disney songs and shows. Find out why you can't get that Disney song out of your head.
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