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Painting, psychoanalysis, and spirituality
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New York : Cambridge University Press, 2001.
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264 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.
Contemporary artists and their critics
Art, Abstraction, and Psychoanalysis -- Freud and Art -- The Object-Relations School -- Abstraction and Empathy -- The Formal Language of Art -- Form -- Inarticulate Form -- The Perception of Inarticulate Form -- Structural Repression in Perception -- The Symbolism of Inarticulate Form -- Inarticulate Form and Aesthetics -- Inarticulate Form and Anxiety -- The Abstract Structure of Creativity -- The Pictorial Space -- Repression and Symbolism in the Pictorial Space -- The Phenomena of Envelopment and the Oceanic Feeling -- Two Types of Abstraction -- The Struggle against Form -- Abstraction and Spirituality -- Abstraction and the Renaissance -- Abstraction and Modern Art -- The Spirituality of the Icon Painting -- The Formal Power of Religious Painting and the Icon -- Psychoanalysis and Iconoclasm -- Psychoanalysis and Postmodernism -- Spirituality, Healing, and the Foundation of Psychoanalysis -- Mannerism -- Psychotic Art: Metaphor and Delire -- Psychotic Art: Painting -- Postmodern Art and Theory.